"I was invited to a talk by Bonnie Landry at a time when I was doubting my ability to continue homeschooling. Her focus on building relationship with our children was a pivoting point for me. It helped me to couch the academic within the fuller picture of life. I found a renewed confidence in our endeavour to homeschool."

Pati, Ashton, ON

"Bonnie Landry's workshop and books have transformed our homeschooling day.  By modelling her kind and encouraging manner, I am strengthening the relationship with my children every time we sit down to work together and remembering to have lots of laughs doing it. Her simple, common-sense approach is easy to follow and meets every child where they are at this moment."

Sherry, Cobble Hill, BC

"As a teacher and a mom, I have personally seen such validation in Bonnie’s approach to learning, but also in the relationships which form the context for learning. Although Bonnie’s methods come from her heart, they are backed by all the best research out there concerning how we learn best––most happily and most efficiently. I recommend aspects of Bonnie's approach to moms on a regular basis in my capacity as a learning coach, and see great results from both parents and their children. Bonnie’s ideas do truly make it possible to homeschool with joy."

Mary, Victoria, BC

"Bonnie Landry is an energetic and organized provider of useful, easy to implement information, helpful to home educators.  I highly recommend her insightful direction to those who want to give an excellent education to their children while being realistic about what is necessary and how to do it. 

From a home educating mom of over 20 years."

Cecilia, Cache Creek, BC

"After attending a dictation workshop offered by Bonnie, I left feeling lighter, focused, and more confident in my ability to teach my children. Bonnie's methods are simple and easy to implement, and they promote a relational focus that keeps homeschooling a positive and enjoyable experience."

Cynthia, Richmond, BC 

"Bonnie has a way of sharing from her heart in a way that relates to so many moms
who are searching for the joy in motherhood and homeschooling. She is very open,
honest, practical, to-the-point, and easy to follow when she speaks, making it a
pleasure to attend her seminars. The amount of information and encouragement
she packs in to her hour or two  presentation is amazing!"

Jessie, Duncan, BC

"Bonnie speaks to the hearts of mothers who are looking to raise their children to the best of their ability. She is funny, direct, and often uses the word 'love'. I am always inspired to do better after hearing her speak!"

Ulrika, Mill Bay, BC





"Bonnie Landry is a breath of fresh air -  wise, approachable, full of insights, experience and best of all, able and willing to share with moms and dads alike.  Her message is met with lots of nodding heads and smiles from the audience.  Bonnie gives real value to every group - inspiring all parents, whether new or seasoned veterans. Highly recommended."

Katherine Eames
Board Member - Conference Organizer
Northwest Catholic Family Education Conference
Seattle, Washington
1 (206) 718-9681

I have heard Bonnie Landry speak on many occasions over a period of several years. She is a gifted speaker who is consistently clear and engaging. Her suggestions and advice have been more helpful to me personally than any other speaker on the topics of homeschooling and family life that I have heard in my twenty years of attending conferences on these topics. Her insights on how to simplify and thereby improve our approach to educating our children have been tremendously helpful to me and many other families that have implemented her methods. I would highly recommend her and believe that her ideas would be of great benefit to families who are striving to live holy and happy lives.  

Laurel Dennison
Organizer of the All Saints British Columbia Catholic Home Education Conference, Mother and home educator of seven children
1 250 743 4903

Bonnie Landry spoke for the 1st time at our conference last year and was very well received.  Her talk on Homeschooling thru Difficult Times was consistently rated "Outstanding" by the people who attended her talk.  We hope to have her back in the near future.

Laura Arkfeld 
SCCHE Conference Chairperson

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