I offer consulting appointments a few hours each week.


I'm not a counsellor.  


I'm a homeschool mom with a lot of experience and ideas, all focused on making your life sustainable.  Sometimes a few consulting sessions are required.  Maybe an hour is all you need to refocus, maybe two or three; decide as you go.  Booking is available as needed, and I can communicate by phone, or any Skype-like medium that suits your needs. You can re-write your family life. In fact, life is better when we are willing to regularly re-write things that aren't working.  Sometimes you need a little help.

My primary focus is on relationship.  

I am able to recommend resources, help you structure your day, build ideas for staying sane, and how to approach various subjects, field problems such as kids not cooperating, or address managing a variety of ages.    

But it will all be in the context of relationship.

Before you spend your hard earned money on me (or any other consulting service) it would be prudent to get to know me a little.  The best way to get to know what I'm about is through my blog, practicing mammal.

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