the first FIVE books in the

Homeschooling, simplified series

Homeschooling, simplified:  dictation       

Discover how to teach almost all language arts using a refreshing alternative

to curriculum and workbooks.

Homeschooling, simplified: chocolate chip math     

Arithmetic for K-3 without worksheets, programs or tears.

Homeschooling, simplified: writing with children    

Create an environment that builds and fosters writing skills.

Homeschooling, simplified:  how to read a book so it becomes the curriculum  

Develop family centred learning through beautiful literature.

Homeschooling, simplified:  what matters most

Securing cooperation without sacrificing kindness

Homeschooling, simplified is a series of little tiny books that may be read in an evening or two, even for busy moms of little ones.  Read some amazon reviews by CLICKING HERE.

The series will be a work in progress, as family time allows.  

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