Bonnie is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking


It means more 

time for


Be the family you know you are. 

Awesome.  You've got  this.


Bonnie Landry is a Catholic homeschool mama since 1991 (and a few more years to go...)  

 She and her husband Albert and their family live on

Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  

As of 2014, the three  youngest (17, 14 and 10) are learning at home.  

Her four older children are living adult lives at various stages

of post secondary, work, babies and wedding plans.


The future has arrived.  Sometimes we look down that road and wonder what it'll look like.

Bonnie writes and speaks on many different topics

related to family life and homeschooling.

Her writing and speaking is intended to encourage and lift up,  help families streamline and simplify their lives and keep the big picture in mind.  

Bonnie draws on her experience, highs AND lows of homeschooling her own children.  

She shares her hope for joy and simplicity in your homeschooling life.