​Simple.  It means something.

There are several dictionary definitions of the word "simple," depending on the context.  

Here are just a few.  

1.  easy to understand, deal with or use

2. not elaborate or artificial, plain

3. not ornate or luxurious

4. unaffected, unassuming, modest

5. not complicated

Note easy wasn't on the list...

Raising and educating children is, by nature, complex,

because relationships are complex.
  We can, however make it easier by simplifying our lives 

and our approach to education. 

Homeschooling our children should be simple.  

The purpose of  oh, thats simple is to help families

simplify their lives in the context of home education; 
our relationships, our educational choices, our busy-ness 

and the space we live in. 

The presentations and books Bonnie offer

 help people simplify their lives 

so that they have more time for joy.

Simple.  It means more time for joy.

Be the family you want to be.  Be awesome.

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Helping homeschooling families thrive

through simplicity


 without coercion

so they can find more joy in their day.

oh, that's simp​le